Company « OGIN


The Company OGIN Ltd. was established in 2002. It was founded by the company SMM d.o.o. Maribor, Slovenia, which is also the sole owner of OGIN Ltd.

In the areas of business and software development, we closely cooperate with the parent company SMM Ltd.

The main activity of our company is engineering, research and development, as well as representation of some companies, whose product range is relevant to the areas of automation, visualization and maintenance of the central processes in the industry.

In the areas of control systems and drive technology we mostly rely on SIEMENS components. There are also some other companies we represent in Croatia:

– PILZ offers all types of safety relays, industrial PCs and SPS control systems

– TR Electronic produces all kind of linear and rotary encoders, etc.

– EUCHNER limit switches, encoders and electro-magnetic locking systems are some of the best in the industry

We also service Siemens SINUMERIK and SIMATIC controllers and we have the exclusive right to perform warranty-service on Siemens control systems.

In co-operation with SMM Ltd., we tackle projects on any scale related to automation, repairs/remount, etc.