Automation « OGIN


In our company, 40 highly trained experts ensure a smooth implementation of fully automated projects from the field of electrical engineering and designing, hardware installations, start-up controlling, regulation and information systems, programming, PLC an NC systems, …

We offer automation for new equipment, as well as old, refitted equipment. First, a concept is developed. Based on this concept, a study about the technological feasibility is prepared. Next, the necessary documentation is prepared and the software developed. We also arrange the transport and assembly of the hardware, set up and connect the safety and control points and connect all the elements. After the machine is assembled, we install the software, test the machine and train the customer’s staff. Throughout the machine’s lifetime, we offer comprehensive servicing solutions and offer modernizations and upgrades.

IT (Information Technology) systems

IT systems are present in every level; from the highest control level, down to the hardware level. The tools we use are: ERP, MIS, MES, CAD-CAM, DNC, NC, CNC, SCADA, PLC and many more.

Development and engineering

The following software tools are used for development and engineering:

  • CAD
    • Elcad, Eplan
  • Software development
    • NI LabVIEW
    • ControlLogix
    • S7
    • Beckoff
  • HMI (Human-Machine Interaction) development
    • RS Viev
    • WIN CC
    • InTouch
  • DB (Database) development
    • Microsoft SQL
    • Oracle
  • Process and sequence modeling
    • Promodel
    • Preactor
  • Project implementation
    • L’MIS
    • MS Project

Safety systems

Our machines are equipped with various safety and control systems, which provide a safe working environment. These systems range from programmed safety devices, emergency stop switches in independent power groups, …

Safety has always been to great importance to us – during construction as well as during operation. Proof are the acquired safety class 4 (regulations about the safety of exposed machine parts) and safety standard EN 60 204.


Usually, we assemble all the equipment, which is subject to the contract. Pre-assembly and testing are performed in our production facilities. Final assembly and boot-up are performed at the location, specified by the customer.


We can proudly announce that we automated several production lines. For example, we introduced automation to every step of tire production – from the preparation of raw material, to the sorting of finished products.

Furthermore, we incorporated automation in a lot of new machines and equipment as well as some older equipment, which was overhauled during modernization.

Maintenance and support

We offer regular servicing for all our equipment. Based on our contract, we perform regular maintenance work on our hardware and software. If needed, our maintenance crew is backed up by assembly or boot-up experts, engineers and programmers.

Our after-sale services include teleservice – our highly trained experts provide remote assistance for all control systems, currently in production. Furthermore, telephone or on-line troubleshooting and assistance are available.

We always keep key spare parts in stock to save time during maintenance or repairs. Parts which are not in stock can be manufactured on very short notice. Aftermarket spare parts are adapted where appropriate, to fit our customer’s needs and specifications. If necessary, the production process can be adjusted before the boot-up, to ensure quality and safety.