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PreactorPreactor is known world-wide to be the most adaptable planning and classification software on the market. The fields and data tables in its Microsoft® SQL 2005 (or later) database can be added or modified. Unique rules for classification can be specified. For a close integration of decentralized systems, communication scripts can be defined for certain scenarios.

Preactor’s flexibility is unprecedented. Several configuration methods are available. Usually, only one main classification system is available to all users. This system communicates with one or more Preactor Viewers or uses Preactor Web Publisher to publish the classification information. Some companies use multiple licenses within one or more departments, units or plants, with automated data transmission from one system to another.

Preactor offers the following functions:

  • Overview of current utilization
  • Simulation of unexpected events and their influence on production
  • Checking »what-if« scenarios
  • Comparison of alternatives

Preactor provides these and many other solutions, even before you make a big decision!


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